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The Liberal Outrage Of The Week

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Dos Equis:
So we started off with Russia collusion.  Then Trump is mentally unfit to serve.  Then Trump must resign because he "grabbed them by the p****."  Then allegedly referred to third world countries as "s***holes," causing at least one Senator (Booker) to literally cry.  Then said he had the power to pardon himself.  Then he reached an agreement with North Korea for nuclear disarmament.
Then he "ripped babies from the arms of their mothers and locked them in cages."  Then he had the nerve to nominate a Supreme Court Justice to replace Kennedy.  Then he stood on a stage and said nice things about Putin.  

I know I'm missing a lot, but there has been about an outrage a week.  I think liberals will be mad through November and the 2020 election.    

Feel free to update.   :)  

Today's Episode: Trump said a thing.

Haha, I like it  8)

Conservative Coach:
3 stooges

Jesus Christ you guys are fuckin stupid.  Wake the fuck up.  The fuckin pussy is owned by Putin.  He looked like a whipped puppy in the press conference, all the while Putin couldn't contain his smile.  Now today the spineless pussy says he misspoke.  Thats the most pathetic fuckin lie yet.  What is he going to say tomorrow, the whole press conference was fake, and it wasn't him?  It only took the morons 24 hours to come up with that pathetic lie that not even a chimpanzee would believe.


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