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Is it worth it? 
Yes.. You have to have a passion for it along with some basic business sense.  There are so many things involved that the average person who workout don't even notice when they're in the gym. 
 Was it hard to get ta loan? 

For me it wasn't, I had pretty good credit and collateral

Where did you get your equipment, and did you buy new or used?   

A little of both.  Some equipment (benches, dumbbell's, rubber plates, etc) last for quite awhile.  If you can afford to buy those upfront I think cheaper in the long run.  Cardio equipments on the other hand breaks down more frequently, these are better to lease.

Are you glad you did it? 


If you could go back 5 or 10 years, what would you do differently?

You always learn when you're doing something no matter how long you've been doing it. can't specifically say I'd change a, b or c. But I've gain a bit more knowledge on things here and there that will make you say "emm ok, I' do this next time or I should have done it this way and I'd be a bit easier"

One negatives of working out in my gym is interuption from members.  They assume you're always working and have a free access to ask you anything at anytime.  that's ok except wen I'm trying to get my training done.  The easy solution would be to train somewhere.  When you own a gym or any business you realize that the more you're around the smother it goes.   

any gym owners here i would like to get some feedback on this.
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Here's the site.  www.tekfusionnewagegymeq

How has the economy the past three years affected business for gym owners here?

good job everyone.


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