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Great new eyeshadow...

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Lord Humungous:
Watching a beautiful lady put on her make up is very sexy  :)


--- Quote from: Cheri Lane on September 05, 2006, 07:00:18 PM ---I kinda like the frosty colors.  Do they have a gold color?

--- End quote ---

They do have a couple gold colors ....some of them are a bit fact, I wanted the green but it is too frosty. 

So i asked my sister and they do have more matte colored products but she can't remeber the name.  However, being that these 3-4 brands are made of crushed minerals they will have a natural lite shimmer.  ut like i said, they have some that are more sfrosty than others depending on the desired application.  I will try and find out the exact product name for you.

Original Sin:
Does the mineral based stuff come in a waterproof or water resistant variety.

Strange question I know, but..... Well.... umm yea....




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