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Princess L:
Whoever invented that medieval torture device must’ve been a man.  >:(

I just received a notice from my local hospital they have a new “softer” mammogram.  They use a BioLucent MammoPad breast cushion.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Original Sin:
Well that sounds better then slamming it in the fridge door thing they do now.

I have got many years before I even <shudder> have to consider this.

Slamming the fridge door is a good metaphor from what I've heard.

Not looking forward to that time in the future either.  I hear it's also really claustrophobic along with being highly uncomfortable.

Unfortunately i'm getting one this month...they have to be so careful not to pop the implant. This ought to be fun. :o


Whoever decided women shouldn't have body hair must have been a man too (but that's another story and I feel so much nicer when I'm silky smooth and shiny anyway, so I've started thinking like that too).

Mammograms:  I've had rather too many over the years as one tit is slightly (but noticably) bigger than the other.  Left tit, on top of my heart.  That's normal.  Now they want me to go back for another mammogram, which I'm resisting as I don't like unnecessary x-rays. 

>>>They are much better nowadays though, they don't hurt anymore.  They don't try to flatten your boob between two metal sheets, it's a one-sideways thing now and is no longer painful.  It's okay.  Doesn't hurt, honest.  Go get it done, without fear.

I've got a lump (looks like a new muscle) under my armpit, so I went to get it checked out.  I had a mammogram 3 years ago and all was fine.  So they did ultrasound.  They said it's not a lymph node, it's nothing.  But then the consultant decides they need to do another mammogram.

I've since figured out my funny underarm bump is like a piece of grissle.  God knows how many times the salon has used wax which is too hot.  I've even waxed myself frequently, so I've almost certainly messed up the hair follicles.  But I know my body.  I know this is nothing.  Noone has ever noticed it  (I wouldn't have unless I'd been posing and looking at myself sideways), so I know I'm okay.  But they wanna keep doing mammograms.

I've got to go sort that out next week because the doctor at the breast clinic only requisitioned an ultrasound and then the consultant told her off.  I was explaining, (attempting to take up as little time and resources as possible). 

And the wonderful doctors and consultants are working there every day having to tell women they have breast cancer and I'm trying to tell them my lump is a little grissle from hot wax. 

Sorry to be all happy-go-lucky if you do know someone who has had the mammogram with the bad prognosis...



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