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I'm drinking, AMA

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Listening to fear factory

I'm drinking, listening to Ratt

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Listening to Pantera

Phantom Spunker:
My dear friend, Pamith. I have been concerned by the lack of updates to your popular AMA page recently. Is everything okay? If I may, I'd like to attempt to revive it with a sincere new question. I'd like to know how you've managed to remain dignified and stoic in the face of unrelenting online abuse through the years? Some of the things these sick people have called you include:

Tits McGee
Child Snatcher
Pig Tits
The Gay Teletubby
Fat Cunt
Coach Roach
The Littlest Homo
Pedo Pam
The Gimp of Getbig
Pig Man
I Am Pam
Pamith Pea Balls
Pamith the Mammoth
Jean Claude Pam Damme
Mong Child
The Roid-cel Ripper

I mean, these are just terrible. What do you do to block it all out? And also, what's the worst name you've ever been called? Thanks.


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