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List Of People I'd Like to Whip With A Rubber Hose.

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Phantom Spunker:

--- Quote from: Grape Ape on October 27, 2022, 01:26:54 PM ---Excellent thread:

Rob Reiner
Stephen King
Beto O'rourke
Dash Dombrovsky
Eric Swalwell
Adam Schiff
Jose Altuve
Alex Bregman
Josh Donaldson
David Ortiz
Your retard cousin from bahston ad guy
Howard the lawyer from Better Call Saul
The hand on house of dragons
George Takei

--- End quote ---

Some good calls here. Please give George Takei and extra crack from me.


--- Quote from: Phantom Spunker on October 26, 2022, 09:05:48 AM ---In this thread we mention the names of individuals (real, fictional, alive or dead) that annoy us to the point of wanting to maim or even kill them.

David Goggins
Jimmy Fallon
Michael Jai White
Bruce Lee
Dana Linn Bailey & retard husband
Branch Warren
The Rock
Matt Dillahunty
Bruce Buffer
James Corden
Bobby Lee
Amy Schumer
Ronda Rousey
Madge Bishop
Helen Daniels
Will Smith
Alvin Leung
Slavoj Žižek
Paul McCartney
Gary Barlow
Joe Biden
Ayn Rand
Yaron Brook
Manny Pacquiao
Jack Black
Mikhaila Peterson
Andrew Tate
Mehdi Hasan
Melvyn Bragg
That stupid little cunt on the Ryan's World toys

--- End quote ---


Phantom Spunker:

--- Quote from: nzmusclemonster on October 27, 2022, 06:00:52 PM ---Meltdown

--- End quote ---

I'm gonna need an updated photo of your hairline, chief.

Connor McGregor

Andrew Tate
Rollo Tomassi
Jocko Willink
David Goggins
Joe Rogan
Sam Harris
Dave Rubin
Nick Trigilli
Greg Doucette
Jordan Peterson
Dave Palumbo
Adam Carolla
Howard Stern
Anthony “Dream” Johnson
Liver King
Brad Castleberry
Jimmy Kimmel
Stephen Colbert
Matt Kroczaleski
John Stewart
Nicki Minaj
50 Cent
Jay Z
Elon Musk
Don Lemon


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