Author Topic: BREAKING NEWS: At least three shot at Texas college  (Read 12020 times)


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Re: BREAKING NEWS: At least three shot at Texas college
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funny how all these murderers are always young atheist teens stealing weapons of their divorced parents or being in gangs because their dysfunctional families couldnt raise them decently...

Careful with the use of "all" and "always".

"To his family, he was a bright, curious and talented musician who played in the church choir. He also was a champion wrestler who dreamed of following his family's long tradition of military service, and a boy who accompanied his pastor father on rescue missions to Mexico."

"After killing his parents, his younger brother and two sisters at the family's home in a rural area southwest of Albuquerque, Griego planned to randomly shoot people at a Wal-Mart, Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston said Tuesday. The teen also contemplated killing the parents of his 12-year-old girlfriend, Houston said."