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Canadian Amature CBBF Shawn Colford DEAD

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I herd from a friend who went out clubbing on Saturday with Shawn , that they found him in his appt. Dead.

We dont know how he died , I guess we will soon find out.

He was from MTL Canada a great guy and had a lot of potential , he was with biochem for a short while.

He did very well at a few Canadian National contest's.

His brother competes aswell in the USA NPC , he won his division a while back in a show in NYC.

My condlences go out to his freinds and family.


Thats sad, he was very young and had alot of potential.May god bless him, his family and his soul RIP  Shawn

do you have a better pic of him you can post.?
what years did he compete in canadian nationals?

always sad to hear when someone so young dies

may god bless him and his family

Canadian Nationals 2000 Heavyweight


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