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The philadelphia experiment: yall NEED to watch this.

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if ya do your research...this is the real thing folks..

if you insist on being min 14 and onward..


the devil..lies in the details folks...unless its more comfy to overlook those details and just cal me a conspiracy theorist...

man o man..i teach some of Americas finest about internet security..ya better hope i aint a quack... :-X

unified field theory

or GUTS...grand unified theories..the holy grail of physics...

Nordic Superman:
You are a quack and know little about internet security :-X :-*

Hugo Chavez:
a lot of truth right up to the philadelphia crap... That one guy was so clearly reading a story rather than telling from experience.  I gotta call BS on that shit and I've been following this story since the 80's.  It's crap.  There was a great movie with a similiar theme but via accident that was one of my favorite movies: The Final Countdown


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