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White dood turns muslim in texas?

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yanno one thing that really surprised me is that the chick is wearing a burka???  i grew up in a muslim family and no one wears burkas..its considered backwards  ...
i've seen it time and again.....muslims in non muslim countries seem to take it a little (lot) 2 far.. :-\

Nordic Superman:
There was a series like this in the UK, Diesel was one of the white muslims.

Look at the description of that video, these people are changing from Christian fundamentalists because they believe the church is too LIBERAL.

Think about it, Christian fundamentalists are bad enough, imagine if they became islamic fundamentalists in the US. Very very dangerous IMO.

I've never been to texas, is it a shithole?

never been to texas..i hear they have a lotta hotties down south...

i intend to visit a friend at some point...i hear the bar scene aint bad either..

i thought the dood coulda been a little more sensitive to his mum ..owell..

o good lord..Yasmeen used to be mindy...

no where does it say to change your damn name...see what i mean...muslims in non muslim countries seem to take it a tad too far... :-\


--- Quote from: Nordic Superman on December 28, 2006, 11:36:00 AM ---I've never been to texas, is it a shithole?

--- End quote ---
compared to most other places, yes


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