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Mixing Clen Question

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I have avoided this subject (in previous posts) - Smoking pot and AAS
were 2 of the biggest issues that caused a wedge with my (former) wife.
I AM an adult, I would not wreck my life over their use.

I have used herb for many years and hope not to be judged by this.

It appears to be more normalizing than detrimental - in terms of reducing anxiety
I think it is less of a problem than alcohol (for me) or other options (its pretty mild).
Stong history of alcoholism in my (genes) family - always have limited my use.

+ or -
I have wondered about blood sugur issues or effects.
The common *getting the munchies* (I feel for me) IS more
tied to lowering of blood sugar and IF there are any reason
for concern in this area.

More likely a -
I have wondered about systemic (respiratory/circulation) effects in some ways.
COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) over the long term
while not AS bad as tobacco. It still concerns me . . .


Smoking herb while on a cycle is alot cheaper then trying to score some pain killers.  There is nothing wrong with it.  And to clear up other things to that genius that made that post awhile back....

yes.. it is also ok to fuck while on gear or "clen"  =).


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