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King Kamali - I look like an overgrown Hobbit on the treadmill

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Soldier of Kamali Army? So the delusions haven't stopped? Now, he's some sort of general?

Stands like a General!  :D

Derek Anthony like face. I give him 4 years.

I feel genuinely sorry for Kamali. Life can give him so much if only he can let the teenage 'pumping iron, hardcore man, chalk and sawdust, banging weights bro' go. Forever stuck in this boring one dimensional world that already cost him his wife and daughter. Fucking move on man. But like all the others stuck in the same world, he's scared to let go because outside the gym, he's nothing and nobody. He knows nothing else. No skills and prospects beyond tricking pathologically insecure teenagers or mentally ill people into paying him for 'training' then selling them drugs. If he ever grow balls, he should strongly consider killing himself. He'll be an embarrassment for his daughter.


--- Quote from: Lustral on July 31, 2014, 02:58:01 PM ---Derek Anthony like face. I give him 4 years.

--- End quote ---

I was thinking the same thing about DA when I posted the pic.


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