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The OFFICIAL IL Bodybuilding Stomping Ground!

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     I use to compete in Illinois when a lot of the shows were in Rockford in the 80's. We got to meet some great Pros at the shows. Tim Belknap was from Rockford (i think)and I got to meet him several times. Lance Dreyher was from Chicago or close by. Some guest posers that came to the Chicagoland area (includes NW Indiana); Jeff King, Mike Matarazzo,Lee Haney,Porter Cottrell, Mike Quinn, Gary Leonard, Tony Pearson, Vince Taylor, Victor Richards, Tom Platz, Frank Zane etc. to name a few.
     This was a strange transition time because the AAU and NPC were both running shows and we competed in both organizations. The AAU had height classes and the NPC had weight classes so you might be competing against different guys the following weekend. There was a guy running the Illinois shows that was a real prick. He layed down ground rules at the meeting and you were out if you broke one. He banned the "moon pose" where you show your hamstrings by bending over. Also there were guys that could do that rope pose with their abs. He banned that saying it was "sick". I believe he also would yell "10 seconds" near the end of your routine and then yell "TIME" (even louder)at the 90 second mark. I think he was head of the Illinois AAU (bodybuilding) in the 80's. Can't remember his name.


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