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2009 NPC Excalibur - Dec 5th in Culver City - See you there

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This year has been a banner year for NPC contests.  Record crowds and competitors in California competitions.  Now figure and bikini have a lot to do with that too.  But you are right - friends and family are a major part of the audience.  But there are a lot of fans too.  Hence, why the Veterans Auditorium was full.

Why does Troy Tate do the show, when he just did nationals?


--- Quote from: BBody81 on December 07, 2009, 02:00:58 PM ---Why does Troy Tate do the show, when he just did nationals?

--- End quote ---

New rule that National Qualification is only good for a year...So he had to requalify...

Pia Marlèn Johnsen:
I wanna gongratulate the overall winner in figure (pink bikini)
My very dear friend Helene Ahlson from Sweden  :)


--- Quote from: Aaron Singerman on December 06, 2009, 05:23:38 PM ---$30 is not a lot for a nght show ticket! Lol...

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I agree with you.  I haven't PAID to go to a non National NPC show since 2007.   The USA is bad enough but more worth the trip to Vegas.


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