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IFBB PRO Andre Ferguson on the Battle of the Beach contest 03-28-15



From Andre Ferguson via Instagram

"So, I placed 3rd yesterday in my pro debut. First off i want to say that I'm fortunate to place 3rd, and that im also fortunate to even be an IFBB Pro. So many people compete every year and less than 1% of them are awarded pro cards. All that being said, i don't play for 3rd places. I bust my ass day in and day out, to an extreme that to many people is not normal. I diet till my taste buds go numb from the basic tasting food that is required to eat. I have no personal vendetta against anyone in this sport, it's just a travesty when it seems the best man doesn't always win. The guys ahead of me have been doing this for a while and i get that, but how do new guys get to come up? If it seems all these guys have to do is "show up" to win. I'm not saying these guys don't work hard, but it's kinda obvious that they no longer have to bring their best to win against ppl who aren't big names "yet!" It's all good though, that's life, it's just time to grind even harder and show them just how relentless i am. Remember people im not an over night sensation, i wasn't winning shows right out the gate. I had to bust my ass for everything i EARNED in this sport and life period. This won't deter me in any way, this just adds fuel to the fire thats burning. Next stop miami in 3 weeks, coming in with an even better package, see you in three weeks people! #aesthetics #broliclife #bodybuilding #battleonthebeach #championsbreedchampions #doyouevenlift #fitness #fitspo #fitspiration #fitnessmodel #gymflow #instafit #itslevels #inked #instagramfitness #ifbbpro #ig_fitness_freaks #instagood #instadaily #muscleoftheday #muscleandhealth #npcsouthernusa #mensphysique #npc #nofilter #NGNS #picoftheday #shredz #TeamVentura #umirin"


From Louis Iridel, who calls out Andre

"Here are my initial thoughts on this ...

1. I rarely call out people only actions ... However, this was posted publicly for anyone to see AND it is the words and actions within this post that seem to be a more common sentiment in the sport. (Yeah I could have blotted out his name but meh)

2. If there are 30 per class at a pro qualifying show, like USAs (on average) then closer to 7% of men's physique competitors turn pro there... Not less than 1%.

3. Dieting until taste buds go numb? From basic food? I'm not even sure what to say about that.

4. Note the subtle I'm happy with 3rd place, I'm don't have a vendetta against anyone in the industry and the I've put my time in to be followed up with I don't play for 3rd, the "names" don't have go come in at their best, etc. It seems very ... A Passive aggressive way of sugar coating it before the backhand slap.

Side note (only 6 competitors at show)

To me... This is the verbal equivalent of putting up a pic of you and the person who won... In a manner that makes you look really good on stage and them bad (out of pose)

I feel this is poor form especially for an IFBB pro

He may call me a hater... But I'm just keeping it on the Realz

And thank you to the person who sent this to me (I don't know if you want ur name named lol)"


IFBB Pro Battle on the Beach Men's Physique Results

1. Anton Antipov (Brooklyn, New York)
2. Matt Acton (Levittown, New York)
3. Andre Ferguson (Medford, New York)
4. Hercules Bathelemy (Patchogue, New York)
5. Travales Blount (Orlando, Florida)
6. Matt Wold (Mishawaka, Indiana)

Small contest with six competitors, I think the smallest lineup of the season, and probably, of all the iFBB Men's Physique contest.  Great one for Andrew to start his career, but not so great with those comments, in which he will regret one day saying.

So lets see how he does in Miami on the next contest...


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