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Did we ever get a cause of death for BillyCarp?

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Just curious if they found out what happened...

Good point, I don't think we did


--- Quote from: garraeth on March 02, 2006, 12:25:49 AM ---Scott said he'd post something on boom7 once things came in.

--- End quote ---


He hasn't updated anyone yet.


240 is Back:
I just heard back from Dr Connelly-

"Still awaiting final coroner's report.  Chances are no
definative cause will be determined.  Billy most likely
succumbed to a sudden and lethal heart beat abnormality.
From the time of death determination he had spoken to a
family member an hour before and was perfectly fine."

RIP William Carp.

A friend of mine died of a sudden heart beat abnormality at 20...makes you think twice about what we take for granted everyday.


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