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Did we ever get a cause of death for BillyCarp?

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Seems like quite a few strength athletes who have put their hearts through some tough workouts die suddenly from heart issues...

Aren't heart beat abnormalities mostly there from birth? 

michael arvilla:
                    RIP my friend.................. ...


Laura Lee:

--- Quote from: rocket on March 02, 2006, 01:17:54 PM ---Aren't heart beat abnormalities mostly there from birth? 

--- End quote ---
Unfortunately not always Rocket.  I developed 3 arythmias in my adult life.  None of which can be fixed.  One is that my heart rate sometimes drops to only 45-50 beats per minute, one is that it jumps up to 150+ beats per minutes and the other one is called a sinus arythmia where your heart screws up when you hold your breath. 


he never did tell me the 'secret protein blend' in the origional metrx .. so i put a curse on him .

i am a sage and magus  .. a free roamin terrorist on the astral plane.

go tell the coroner... the eye of horus was upon him ....


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