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Zane would be just two pounds over the limit while Nubret would be 7 pounds under the limit

so Nubret would make the cut, while Zane would be too "big"


How many guys are going to b in this new line up?
I was excited at first but now I'm thinking this damn class will b super competitive. Ide like to think ide have a shot in this division but idk I'm at 6ft 215-218 lean right now well under 10%

for your height of 6 foot max on stage weight is 207, which ain't small

like 15 said 200 lean is a big animal lol

i'm curious how lean and dry they want the guys to be?

one of the reasons they created this division is coz the physique guys were getting too big and too dry for their liking

Nubret is 6 foot 200 here or slightly under and he ain't no BONE DRY 4% (i'd say he's a relatively dry 6%) but this is the near perfect physique imo

this german guy Helmut Strebl is indeed a RIPPED AND BONE DRY LEGIT 4% but (and i really can't believe that i'm fucking saying this) he is tooooooo damn ripped and dry imho

oh, and this last one is some some hot ass jewish girl  :P


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