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Who is the mayor of bodybuilding?

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He told me he had a lot of ''Brotein'' on Thanksgiving...I'm like what is brotein? Did he mean protein? lol

Hmm, seems odd. Looks like some posts have disappeared here...


Grape Ape:

--- Quote from: tacobender on November 28, 2021, 10:08:03 PM ---He is a creepy looking guy who is it and why does he consider himself the mayor? Also who is his daddy and what does he do?

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We ain't your google no0b

Which pros thought he was creepy?


--- Quote from: OneMoreRep on November 29, 2021, 07:16:04 AM ---Hmm, seems odd. Looks like some posts have disappeared here...


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He's a good dude with a home, wife and kids, etc
He's not queer and is a serious fan of pro BB , similar to other pro sports.

The Mayor name comes from a friend who went with him to a contest years ago.
Since he knew a lot about the bodybuilder crowd, his friend declared;
" You know everyone here. You're like the Mayor of BB. "   ...and the name stuck.

He competed back in the 90's and like most couldn't get massive enough to be a great BB.
Like me and many others who try, he has a passion for the sport and admires the pros that made it.

We've talked shop at length several times and it's refreshing to exchange ideas with another passionate BB fan.


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