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Fat-loss diet tips?


i've not been able to go regularly to the gym for the past four months, and it will be another two months before i can start again. in the meantime, i've been doing a lot of jogging, swimming, and dumbbell & abs workouts at home.

however, my diet is a mess. if i have no plan (which i don't), i just eat whatever, whenever. i'm pretty slim overall, but have the usual little lovehandles and flabby belly. i absolutely love to get rid of them...

i wonder if someone could give me a suggested diet to maximise my fat loss, or at least some rough guidelines. since i don't have access to really heavy weights, i'm not realistically looking to build muscle, but it would be nice not to loose too much in the process. my main goal is to significantly lower my body fat.

i'm a male, 28, 6' tall, 175 lbs.


drink beer and jack daniel

here is a novel idea
do your own fucking homework


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