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My message to Ron, OMR and all the other (((globalists)))

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--- Quote from: Theoak* on July 01, 2023, 03:23:35 AM ---Show some compassion fo 6million Jews were turned into bars of soap and lamp shades. If you can't respect that more than 8million Jews were killed in cold blood then you're no better than the people involved. I for one would never tolerate 12million of my people being incinerated. A moment of silence for the 14million Jews that died in Ww2.
--- End quote ---

I don't know the precise number of Jews who died in WWII.

I don't trust the official numbers. I have valid reason to dispute them.

I'd be happy to get into that. Of course I think it's nice to attempt to not offend anyone, but using that logic - we shouldn't talk about anything ever, and that's bullshit.

But anyway, I think this statement is correct:

At least 6 Brazilian Jews died in the Holocaust. At LEAST 6 Brazilian Jews. Possibly even 7 Brazilian Jews. But at least 6 Brazilian Jews died.


--- Quote from: The Horny Prince on July 01, 2023, 02:37:11 AM ---Keep pushing because Iíve lived enough of life. Iíd rather die than stand by and support this any longer. Ron, I respect that you asked me to tone it down before but itís time for you to go in the oven. White people can only be pushed so far before they snap. And when they snap, they REALLY snap. When I see you at an expo, you can either apologize for 100 years of forced integration and the destruction of Western society or you are going in an oven. Fat fuck.

OMR: oven
Residue: oven
Phantom Spunker: oven
Walter Sobchak: oven
OAK: oven
MCWAY. Fat phaggot. Tell me again how to bulk up to 250 lbs naturally. OVEN.

Anyone else for the oven?

I feel like 20 years ago we could pretend this wasn't happening, but now, it's harder to deny. I was just locked out of public gyms for six months because of people like this. THAT'S why citizens should have guns. Because without them, we will be dragged into camps.

And you're concerned about like 2,500 deaths since 2009?


THAT'S the point of the second amendment. So dumb assholes like you don't take away my rights over a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. But in Canada, we donít have one. And we have people like Ron pumping in immigrants by the thousands.

I used to dismiss the idea of immigrants doing the jobs White people don't want to do, but my city went from almost 100% White employees at convenience stores and takeaways to almost 100% East Indian and Pakistani in the past 15 years.
At that pace, it's impossible NOT to notice.

When Peterson correctly describes the ideological sleight of hand leftists did moving from failed economic Marxism to Cultural Marxism [political correctness, multiculturalism, and Wokeness], he says the intellectuals - and specifically the "French" intellectuals were responsible.

Then lists a bunch of Jews. LOL, GTFO.    ::)  ALL Jews.

Yeah, Jordan - "French".

stupid fuck.
Fucking phaggot.

 just to be clear: I'm not saying that Jews have total power or anything.  But I am saying that Jews are highly influential in brainwashing White people to accept mass millions of new immigrants from the developing world each year "to do the jobs that White people won't do" [vote Democrat], and that this ultimately steers the trajectory of evolution in such a way that it will ultimately reduce Whites to minority status by 2040, and to ultimate extinction globally by no later than 2150.

That's kind of a big deal, wouldn't you say?

Ron, OMR et al: The concept of not being ideologically possessed by self-hatred is foreign to your average dumb White goyim, I understand 100% why you put the interests of the Jewish people first - the interests of YOUR people.  Everyone should do this.  Good for you for doing this.

I also understand your strong self-identification as a Jew, and I am well aware of the fact that you are very uncomfortable with the fact that I understand Jews, and have spent nearly 14 years studying the Jewish people and their impact on Western civilization.

It also bothers you that Jews, despite being MUCH smarter than Whites, on average, that my IQ is much higher than the average Jewish IQ.  So, despite Jews having the highest average IQ of any race in the world, I actually look down to Jews intellectually to a degree even greater than you and other high IQ Jews look down to the average dumb White goyim.

And you know that - and you know I'm too clever to fall for your sophistry.  Not that verbal reasoning is my strong point, but my math ability is so high that I have a way to mathematical parameterize things in such a way where I can operate using math as a guiding principle, and even use it to to be more clever in a conversation than a Jew with a much higher verbal IQ than me.

Why?  Because I know how to present the truth, from an empirical and scientific perspective, and no amount of Jewish stretching of the truth to serve their interests, no matter how skillfully they present it, will beat me in a debate against them, because the truth is just that much stronger than lies.

As a goyim, I want to tell you - I understand in your religious writings, you are taught that lying to goys is allowed...but every action comes with unintended consequences. This time, youíve pushed too far. Kristallnacht is coming, and itís coming for every man, woman and child of yours.

--- End quote ---
WELCOME TO THE THUNDERDOME............F UCKFACE!!!!!!!!!!1111111   LOL  ;D


--- Quote from: Phantom Spunker on July 01, 2023, 03:23:47 AM ---Jesus, Matt. Calm down. This is too much.
--- End quote ---

I don't post anything, anywhere, under fake names. If I do, it's incidental. Like signing up for a default account in order to browse, then posting on it.

I'm not afraid to use my real name.

I definitely have a penchant for The Horny Prince's ideology.

Smart guy!

I don't condone the genocide of's moderation team and owner/mogul though, lol.

Phantom - check out the following Jewraldo video. Great stuff. Whether Jews are dominating bodybuilding media or mainstream media, it's always the same.

High IQ + evolutionary reason to control information, etc.

Whether we're talking about Aaron Singerman or Geraldo Rivera, it's the same template for media domination.

I'm fascinated by Jews, even though I do think Whites and Jews should remain separated from one another.


--- Quote from: wes on July 01, 2023, 03:38:50 AM ---WELCOME TO THE THUNDERDOME............F UCKFACE!!!!!!!!!!1111111   LOL  ;D
--- End quote ---

This thread has potential, lol.



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