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Just thought this would be a good thread to start up. I love videos and pictures that just inspire and make you want to go and eat every weight in the gym. This picture of Roger Estep is awesome imo

The videos of Kaz on youtube are great too:

Lamar Grant pictures are always good as well...

Dave Tate

Vince Anello of course:

Wow! Dave Tates back is freakin ridiculous! :o


--- Quote from: Lift4Size on May 10, 2009, 03:04:01 PM ---Wow! Dave Tates back is freakin ridiculous! :o

--- End quote ---

Yeh, that shot always gets me. Makes me want to train like a maniac  ;D

Lamar Gant's lockout is right at his knees.  Unbeleivable.  If he pulled sumo he would be locked out without the bar leaving the floor.


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