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Even CNN admits Biden is a failure

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Humble Narcissist:

--- Quote from: Coach is Back! on January 30, 2022, 11:30:11 PM ---What the fuck are you talking about? Biden was installed, like a toilet. You’re looking at the results the puppeteers calling the shots. Obama? Rice? Who? Whoever is calling the shots is proving incompetent and YOU voted for defunding PD’s, you voted for defunding their training and certain departments that’s led to the deaths of cops…liberals like you made this happen and you have NEVER argued against this. Go a head, take another week or two off then come back and talk more bullshit

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:D Installed, like a toilet.



--- Quote from: Coach is Back! on February 01, 2022, 08:19:25 PM ---If there was no fraud, no election laws illegally changed by, for example a state’s Supreme Court, again just as an EXAMPLE there would be no audits still going among other legal cases related to this. Remember, Biden said this was the most transparent ever.

If he really got 81mil votes, then where are they? Where were they at his speeches? Appearances? Why is it when he gave live televised addresses hardly anyone watched? Not to mention the mountains of evidence

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