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2024 Charlotte Cup April 7th

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Ok I am registered and even booked a Hotel for Sunday night. The goal here is simply to stay healthy. I plan to weigh in at 209lbs Saturday night and compete in classic physique. I then plan to eat and feel good on Sunday for the show. I will also pack some food this time and a chair and a pillow and blanket as they had us on cold cement for hours waiting for our turn last time.

I was 212lbs this am so it is not a big cut. I do not need to do anything drastic between now and then just stay healthy. If I put on weight before then I will just compete in the bodybuilding division instead.

keep us updated Brian, we are all behind you.....

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--- Quote from: tatoo on February 27, 2024, 02:23:55 PM ---bi polar little pussy.. go fuck yourself

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