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Hey guys. I haven't had protein powder in over 15 years. There's so much out there that it can be overwhelming. I'm just looking for a very high-quality, good tasting powder I can use as meal replacement.  Low to no carbs, low-sugar.

What's out there in 2024?


Marty Champions:
Wouldnt waste money on it

At least get the unflavoured one

Gym Rat:
Protein is a good option for a meal replacement, who doesn't like a good milkshake?
However, the shit has gone overboard on price.
There are deals out there though if not picky. I don't care if I get some sugar, or preservatives.
Some are health freaks and don't want that stuff... I just go for what I find on sale and cheapest.
Is just a matter of principle, I dont like over-paying for that stuff...

I just got 2 lbs of this stuff for $17.00. Again, Im not picky or a health nut, so sugar substitutes dont bother me for one drink a day.


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