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Getting back in the game...


Looking to get back into weight training, after being idle for several years, after both my parents died.

As you can tell, my inspiration comes from being a fan of the late Jeep Swenson.

Wondering if there is any tips on regaining all I have lost? As I have gained a fair bit of weight and want to turn that into muscle mass.


After a few weeks, I have gain 3/4 inch on my arms.



--- Quote from: JeepSwensonfan1980 on May 17, 2019, 06:42:47 AM ---After a few weeks, I have gain 3/4 inch on my arms.


--- End quote ---

Very Positve. Keep up the good work.

Its hard coming back after a tragedy. You're mindset has to be laser focused and you're outside world problems need to be controlled. Stay the course, keep doing what you're doing and change your workouts regularly to prevent boredom.

Keep me posted!

STAY POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why not start a thread in the Training Log section?

As far as training: press, pull, squat 2-3 times a week, include some cardio also.

Sorry, forgot about this place :boournsonme:.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Currently sorting out the back garden to put my bench in a big shed, as there is no room in the house. Once that is sorted, I might start a training log, as I will be fully focused then.

A slight update though. Gained 1 inch on my arms in 6 weeks. I know I am lucky with my body as it has always responded well to weightlifting. When I was at school, I was the strongest there, even the teachers were amazed. Wasn't the biggest, but even they couldn't match my strength.

Sorry, going slightly off on one hehe.

I shall endeavour to check in more regularly and post updates along this road we are all on.


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