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I didn't make any pics or predictions because my son was sick on Sunday.

But, this was a good show; some claim it was better than 'Mania itself.

WWE Universal Championship - Roman Reigns (c) vs. Antonio Cesaro: This is the first major push for Cesaro, since he won the first ATG Memorial Battle Royal. Apparently, he is carrying the torch for the retired Daniel Bryan (who did the THT thing in his "Loser Leave Smackdown" match just over two weeks ago).

Lots of classic wrestling with Cesaro getting much offense on Reigns. As a matter of fact, this (I think) is the only match I can recall where Reigns never hits a spear. Talking smack about "DB" (actually paying homage to him), Reigns kept cranking Cesaro's arm all match long. We also had the melodrama with the Usos, as Jimmy keeps referring to Jey as Roman's b---h. This resulted in Reigns' degrading his right-hand man, as he was giving the champ his pre-match pep talk, and going to the ring with just Heyman.

Cesaro hit all his big moves, including the sharpshooter, the Neutralizer, and the Crossface. But, his weakened arm kept him from finishing Reigns off. When Reigns broke the crossface, he hit some powerbombs and locked in the guillotine. Cesaro nearly broke out twice, but his bad arm betrayed him and....NITE-NITE!!

Normally, when someone gets put to sleep, he stays down for a while or slowly gets up. But, about 5 seconds after Reigns is declared the winner, Cesaro popped up as if he awoke from a bad dream with the referee calming him down and informing him the match was over. Of course, we'd find out why. Jey Uso shows up with the red necklace thing to acknowledge Reigns as the "Head of the Table". Then, with his cousin's blessing, he beats up Cesaro and is about to splash him with Seth Rollins shows up. The tease is that Rollins is Reigns' next challenger. But, instead, we get a fiendish grin and more Cesaro beating. Rollins gets a chair and the bad arm of Cesaro gets Pillman-ized after the rest of him gets tenderized. A curb stomp to the outside later, Rollins is getting booed in the ring as he's cheesing for all to see.

On another note, for weeks many on YouTube have been absolutely RAVING about Reigns' new music. Some compared it to that of a "Final Boss" on a cool video game. With the last vestige of his old character (the Shield's entrance music, minus the phonetic spelling) now gone, this makes the Roman Reigns makeover complete.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship: Dirty Dogs [Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode] (c) vs. The Mysterios (Rey and Dominik) - Basically, it's 2006 all over again with lots of feel-good storylines and spots. Even a tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Only this time, it's Dominik (who either got trained up at the performance center or down in Mexico) doing the heavy lifting. That included the Latino-Heat-Style Frog splash to get the 1-2-3.

As a result, we have the first father-son tag team champs in WWF/WWE history.....I think.


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