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--- Quote from: dragonheart on February 19, 2007, 06:57:26 PM ---Zenkall labs busted

Saw that thread in the gossip and opinions forum.

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Anyone know who ran that lab?

NC TX bust!



--- Quote from: 4thAD on February 25, 2007, 12:38:25 PM ---NC TX bust!

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Porter is one of the most backwoods hill-billy places in houston...

It's almost funny.


A few notes on the busts:
I know one of the Dr's taken personally because she's my doctor.  I won't mention her name even though it's in the papers, but they did write a paragraph on her saying she was the only doctor talked to that is licensed to specialize in health and rejuvination, and most likely will not face any further punishment.  She writes you an RX to get full blood work in your local hospital, sent directly to her, to gauge what she can approve.  However, the Signature Pharmacy is where my medications come from so I do wonder how her center (a large one) stays open without their pharmacy functioning.

2... there were 3 "Distributors" in Sugar Land, Texas arrested.  I again don't want to mention names on the board, but I know one of the more popular distributors recommended by people on boards is located there.  I'm hoping he wan't one of them

3...  This is just going to be the start I'm sure.  I've been told and heard it on the TV that patients of these Dr's are in the clear, since they took prescribed medications that were for them.  But it also does put people's name in the open in terms of the government knowing your taking stuff.  I wonder if any of that will ever come into play somehow.

4... Big Ron Coleman, and a few other athletes like Evander Holyfield have already been named as clients.  This could be an interesting week

The reason I put this post down is if you go domestic, I'd double check to make sure the person your connecting with is still there before anything is sent as of today


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