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Pumpster - on the defense?

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--- Quote from: jpm101 on October 08, 2009, 09:12:20 AM ---Any one else get a PM from pumpster this morning? Saying I was jealous and had a hate filled mind towards him. Should I consider that a love note? Said he was still around. No kidding, I can still smell him.  That retard need attention so bad it becomes a mental problem.

--- End quote ---

Yup, I did ;D

--- Quote from: pumpster on October 08, 2009, 08:18:15 AM ---I think you should start some more threads about me, proving once again that:
-There's absolutely nothin goin on in your "happy/great" life LOL
-That there's absolutely nothin goin on with getbig.
-That Jerryme and I are over.

I hate your guts.

--- End quote ---

Couple more but that's what she wants.... it's been tought for her to "leave getbig"

Post said pumpster on it. So his fat fingers must have sent it. Still has his last post at 9-26-09 I noticed. As I said to someone else, I hope Ron drove a stake through pumpsters heart. He might be on line (green light) but wonder if he is still a Mod.  He's like stepping in dog crap, so hard to get off the soles of shoe some times. Will that MOFO every just go away?

Bump. Lol at coach taking up for “pumpster”


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