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WWE HELL IN A CELL: Reigns vs. Mysterio? Is this a main event?


I hope they go with the umpteenth matchup between Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre (supposedly McIntyre's last chance at the WWE belt).

Are they running out of opponents for "The Head of the Table"? Or are they really playing this angle of Mysterio's fighting for his son on Fathers' Day?

BTW, folks are still bumping Reigns' new entrance music.


I guess we got our answer. WWE moved this match to Smackdown.

WWE Universal Championship (Hell In a Cell)- Roman Reigns (c) vs Rey Mysterio (co-holder, Smackdown Tag Team Championship):

So, Mysterio got medieval with Reigns early with a chair, a fire extinguisher, and a tool box.

Reigns even got Pillmanized with the chair around his neck, being thrown into the cage. And Reigns basically speared himself into a wooden table.

Yet, somehow Reigns regained the upper hand. Next came an attempted power bomb which resulted in Reigns swinging Mysterio into the sides of the cell repeatedly.

I guess the old rule still applies. When Reigns does the scream and tries the spear, he gets kicked in the mush (or hit with a finisher). Rey goes for the 619, only to get kicked in the kisser. OOPS! Reigns posted himself, which allows Mysterio to 619 the champ and tenderize him with a chair.

Now, why did he go for a frog splash with a char on Reigns? A second frog splash (minus the chair) wasn't enough to keep Reigns down for three.

Mysterio tried a third time, got caught, and got power bombed over the top rope (which is apparently now part of Reigns' new arsenal) and into the cell. Now comes the weird chokehold and Mysterio says "No Mas!" and taps out. Jimmy Uso runs to the ring to raise his cousin's hand in victory.

Now comes the post-match beatdown. Reigns put on another reverse guillotine choke hold, while Heyman and Jimmy Uso watch. And the Head of the Table wishes his fallen challenger a Happy Fathers' Day, as Mystery gasps for air and winces in agonizing pain.

WWE World Championship Match (Hell In a Cell) - "The Almighty" Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Drew McIntyre (McIntyre's last title shot during Lashley's reign):

This ended up being the main event of the PPV, instead of Reigns vs. Mysterio.

If there's a formula as to how two big men are supposed to put on a clinic, Lashley and McIntyre have studied it. While not quite as good as their match at 'Mania, these guys delivered yet again. McIntyre took a pounding through the match (the welts and lashes on his back testify to that), but early into the bout he wore Lashley out.

The only drawback to me was the involvement of MVP. It took his handing of his cane to Lashley, who subsequently jabbed McIntyre in the throat, to turn the tide. They did come up with this nifty move to pin McIntyre to the corner of the cell with a kendo stick. But, that didn't last too long. He battered McIntyre more, until McIntyre began "hulk up" (so to speak).

"Future Shock" DDTs, powerbombs, and chairs.....Yet, Lashley survived. The ref bump is where it got squirrley. McIntyre demanded the ref outside the cage unlock the door and make the count. Once McIntyre nailed Lashley, the ref nearly hit three when MVP pulled him out of the ring. MVP was yanked into the squared circle and kicked in the mush for his efforts.

Lashley finally got his "Hurt Lock" (Full Nelson) on McIntyre. But the Scottish Psychopath escaped smashing Lashley (and himself) into a standing table, set up earlier.

A second table ended up in splinter, courtesy of the champion's carcass. After tenderizing Lashley with a chair and another "Future Shock", McIntyre could smell victory and went for the kill. With a Claymore kick in the chamber, McIntyre attempted to seal the deal, when MVP crawled from underneath the ring and grabbed DMC's leg.

When McIntyre went to fight MVP off, Lashley rushed him low, hooked a schoolboy inside cradle and go the 1-2-3.

"The Almighty" retained his belt, leaving McIntyre in utter disbelief. The reality hit him that, per the stipulation, he gets no more world title shots on Lashley's watch.

The welts on Drew's back says it all. Question is now, what becomes of Drew that he now lost and can't challenge Lashley? Will he be traded to Smackdown and thrust into a program with Reigns?


--- Quote from: Playboy on June 24, 2021, 08:23:07 AM ---The welts on Drew's back says it all. Question is now, what becomes of Drew that he now lost and can't challenge Lashley? Will he be traded to Smackdown and thrust into a program with Reigns?

--- End quote ---

There's still Money in The Bank. What if McIntyre wins it? Will he only be limited to cashing it on Reigns?

Or will they do an angle similar to 1993/1994 Lex Luger-Yokozuna thing. The gist was that Luger's guaranteed WrestleMania 10 title shot (as co-winner of the Rumble) superceded Cornette's contract clause that SummerSlam 93 would be Luger's lone championship match vs Yoko.

It appears we're getting prepped for another round of Reigns vs one of the Uso twins.

You don't supposed they'll give MITB to Kofi Kingston.

BTW, where's Heath Slater? He's the only member of 3MB that hasn't been world champion. Give him the case; he's got kids!!!  ;D


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