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WWE EXTREME LUCK???? Turnbuckle Malfunction saves Reigns from the Demon!!


Bummed about football. So, I didn't make my picks until late.

WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. "The Demon" Finn Balor (Extreme Rules match) - Well, The Demon has never been beaten on PPV. However, it's extreme rules (i.e. no disqualification). I think Demon finally loses, because there's no way WWE is going to mess up the Crown Jewel main event.....unless Demon wins the title and loses it back to Reigns (as regular Finn Balor) before the trip overseas.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) vs. The Street Profits - Montez Ford got beat up after losing to Reigns on Smackdown. How healthy he is remains to be seen. Two DQ wins over the Usos got them this title shot. But, I think the Usos manage to retain.

Smackdown Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Bianca Belair - While this won't be in 26 seconds, I think this feud is one that gets stretched to Survivor Series. So, via some silliness (possibly a returning Sasha Banks), Lynch retains.

Raw Women's Championship: Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Alexa Bliss - With these super short title reigns of Flair, it looks as if they want her to tie or match her dad's 16-time world title thing. We'll see just how over Bliss is, after basically hijacking Bray Wyatt's "Fiend" gimmick. Call it an upset special. But, I'll take Satan's baby sister for the win.

United States Championship: Damien Priest (c) vs. Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy (Triple Threat) - Priest is red hot; perhaps we get a Hardy heel turn out of this. But, I think Priest keeps the gold.

Liv Morgan vs. Carmella - This was the only announced match without a title at stake. Is it my imagination, or are the women reverting to their Diva status. Their outfits are showing more and more skin. Morgan's and Vega's booty shorts, Carmella's skin tight catsuits; and Natalya's boobs seemingly get bigger each year. I guess she's the BREAST there is, BREAST there was, and the BREAST there ever will be. Anyhow, Morgan wins, for those who care.

These are matches I just saw as the PPV started:

The New Day vs. Bobby Lashley, Omos, and AJ Styles - The last time we saw Lashley and Omos, Lashley got choke-bombed by the not-so-jolly black giant. If New Day wins, I expect an implosion on the other side and a collision between Omos and Lashley (which looks to spur a possible face turn.

First match was the six man tag. Pretty good match overall. A malfunction in the junction occurred for Team Styles. Lashley went for a spear; Styles self-tags himself in the match. Lashley wasn't pleased. Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm. However, Lashley tags himself back into the match. Styles misses the forearm; Lashley goes for the spear but hits Styles by accident. Big E hits the Big Ending on Lashley and gets the 1-2-3.

Now it's Smackdown tag title match.

Edit - It's been great so far. But, Ford's ribs are hurting big time. Even after a big splash off the top, Ford kept clutching his midsection, which delayed the cover. But, two kicks to the head, followed by the double splash, from the Usos delivered the win for the tag champions.

Raw women's title match was OK. Flair retains and tears up Bliss' doll, Lily. Bliss goes nuts and attacks Flair but she gets chucked into the table. As Flair leaves, Bliss starts crying after seeing what's left of her toy. She supposed to be crying and frothing at the mouth but apparently she had some Alka-Seltzer tablet in her mouth that was supposed to foam up but didn't.

Now, it's US title time.

Earlier, apparently you're allowed to cuss on camera, because Lashley called Big E a chicken---- and challenged him to a rematch for the WWE world title.

Big E has accepted Lashley's challenge for Raw.

The US title match went fairly well.

Priest went for his finisher on Hardy earlier. Hardy flipped out of it but botched up what was supposed to be a twist of fate. He hit it later, tried the Swanton, only to have Sheamus shove him to the floor.  Sheamus kept grandstanding, even mocking Jeff Hardy's dance moves before hitting a knee on Priest. Hardy made the save to keep Sheamus from getting the pin. Priest got his mojo going and was going for his finisher.

Sheamus shoved Hardy out of the way, hit Priest, and nailed Hardy with the Brogue kick, only to get rolled up for the 1-2-3

Smackdown women's title match is going and the crowd is split down the middle. "Let's Go, Becky!!!", "EST" are the chants from the crowd. Lynch keeps using Belair's braid to yank her around the ring. They even did a tug of war, after Belair hit Lynch with 10 punches in the corner, as the crowd counted emphatically with each punch.

OOPS!! After Belair took way too long to execute a gorilla press slam, she gets caught in the Dis-Arm-Her. But, the challenger gets to the rope. Leg drop from the top rope does Lynch, which I don't see that much. A second leg drop while Belair is caught in the ropes almost gets the three count.

Another Dis-Arm-Her attempt, powered out...and I KNEW IT!! Sasha Banks interferes and gets Lynch DQed. Now, she attacks Lynch and we get this bad ending. Even though I predicted this would happen, Michael Cole accidentally gave away the finish somewhat by saying, "Maybe Lynch is upset because there's a new boss in town".

Now, the only "Extreme Rules" match of the night is coming: The Universal title bout.

OH NO!! Roman Reigns is coming out FIRST!!! I know The Demon's entrance is great. But this can't be good.

SO far, Demon is not selling any of Reign's offense. Oh now, Demon hit Reigns with a chop and Reigns laughs it off.

Reigns goes for a kendo stick. Demon disappears and reappears with THREE kendo sticks taped together and proceeds to batter Reigns after he misses his swing. Now Reigns is trapped between the ring apron. Demon goes for a table but gets dropkicked for his efforts.

Reigns throws Demon into the crowd and....ARE YOU KIDDING ME? He just asked Heyman for a mask, before he enters the audience and continues to pound on the Demon.

Reigns goes for the Superman punch, misses, and get the sling blade. Reigns later hits him with the punch and gets the near-fall.

Heyman pumps up Reigns know what's coming. Reigns screams, goes for the spear, gets kicked in the face. Demon points and goes for the running dropkick....SPEAR!!! 1-2-....NUTSHOT!!!

The same move that Reigns did to regular Finn Balor on Smackdown. This time the ref saw it but it's no DQ. DEmon goes on a flurry. He hits the Coup de Grace. And here come the Usos and the beatdown ensues. They go for a table. But Demon is having none of it. He chucks Jey over the barricade and powerbombs Jimmy into the announce table.

SPEAR INTO THE BARRICADE!!! Reigns drills Demon and everyone is down and OUT!! People are expecting another run-in at any moment. Then the heartbeat plays and the red lights flash. Demon starts flopping like an out-of-water fish.

Then he pops up (a supernatural Hulk-UP that would make Hogan proud!!) THE CROWD GOES NUTS!! Demon gets a chair, and starts tenderizing Reigns mercilessly. Then he dropkick him into the table, set up by the Usos earlier.

Michael Cole and Pat McAffe are going hoarse, excited that Demon is RESURRECTED and on the brink of winning the Universal title again.

Demon's music is playing and the arena is lit up red during this sequence. Smoke is billowing around the ring. Demon picks up a battered Reigns and throws him into the ring. He goes up for another Coup De Grace, with smoke billowing, red lights glowing, music playing, the crowd cheering, Heyman standing idly by with mouth wide open, and.....WHAT IN THE GOOD LORD'S NAME?


The regular lights come back. Demon is clutching his knee. The crowd is shocked. It's as if the Demon got stripped of his powers and turned back into regular Finn Balor.

WHAM!!!! Reigns spears him in what's left of the ring. The Wiseman looks utterly perplexed, as he watches the ref count 1-2-3.

Heyman waddles into the battered squared circle, jaw gaped in shock. Reigns looks to the sky and mouths, "What Happened!?". Even he can't believe he won the match. Heyman is speechless. When Reigns pulls himself to his feet, Heyman gives Reigns his belt for the Tribal Chief to raise in the air.  After the replays, Reigns is on his knees praying, doing the cross motion on his chest.

After pro motioning the WWE title match on Raw, we see the Bloodline, limping from the remnants of the ring, with Reigns gingerly handing Heyman his blue belt, which he raised in the air upside down. Reigns declares himself the best in the world, the greatest of all time, the Head of the Table, and YOUR TRIBAL CHIEF!!!

Now, it's on to Saudi Arabia and the BEAST!!


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