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Pet Board - Rules & Guidelines


1.  No posting pictures of animals that have been destroyed, mutilated, tested on, tortured, in a fight, or bloodied in any way.  A link can be provided to the picture, as long as it's marked "warning - graphic content."  Discussion against animal torture & testing is allowed.

2.  There will be no discussions on this board encouraging of dog fights, cock fights, or any type of animal fighting.  Any threads started which promotes animal fighting will be deleted.

3.  No animal bestiality or animal porn.  This includes any unnecessary pictures of animal genitalia.  No pictures of human/animal porn activity & no discussion on the matter.

4.  Be respectful of other posters. Differences of opinions may be expressed as long as it is done in an intelligent and respectful way.  No posts just for the sake of antagonizing others.

Mods, please add to the list.  This thread will remain locked as it's not up to be discussed on.  Anyone can propose a Rule or Guideline either directly to the MODs or up for discussion/debate on the board.


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