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Respect my authority!!!!

sgt. d:
Ron why did Lee Priest get put in timeout awhile ago?  ???

Vince B:
How about enforcing a rule that people not libel others? It is too easy for anonymous people to say whatever they like and not take any responsibility for what they post. No one has the right to call others pedophiles and perverts just because they don't like them or disagree with them. This place is beyond what is civil.

I can't understand why threads knocking fat people and not fat bodybuilders are allowed to stay on this forum. At the very least, irrelevant non-bodybuilding threads like "fat people lack willpower'', should be moved to the silly forums.


Ron i am still waiting for my mod status of the G&O, ill make sure this will become the new auschwitz  ;D

just joking and you know it  :)


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