Author Topic: Ron Brady should have a mistrial before he gets sentenced June 3rd.  (Read 9272 times)


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From Ron Brady Sr.

In my latest attempt to prove the innocence of my son charged/convicted of Murder For Hire I offer the latest court documents filed asking for a Mistrial based on PROSECUTORIAL and JUROR MISCONDUCT.
With un-limited access to records and resources to obtain such, the State Prosecutor, 1). Knowingly withheld exculpatory evidence.
                2). Offered perjured testimony which he knew or should have
                     known was false.
                3). Failed to properly investigate the witness.
                4). Told the Judge and Jury, 'We have the medical records.'
                5). Failed to abide by a 'Court order' to, 'turn over these
                     medical records to the defense.'
With such unlimited resources, why does the state have to cheat to gain a conviction?       
Next, Juror misconduct. Fact: 1). The court gave a juror with a hearing disability equipment which, 'enabled him to hear EVERY PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATION spoken between Defendant and his Counsel through out the entire trial.'
Sentencing for Ron Brady, Jr. is scheduled for tomorrow, June 3, 2008 at 8:30 AM Department 3, in the courtroom of Judge Douglass Herndon.
The Judge is scheduled to sentence Brady Jr., however, if the Judge does not call for a mistrial, he will sentence Brady knowingly allowing perjured testimony in his courtroom along with sever prosecutorial misconduct.


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Re: Ron Brady should have a mistrial before he gets sentenced June 3rd.
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I'll call Ironsides and get him on the case. Just make sure to bring him some toffee. Those guys in wheelchairs just love a long-lasting hard candy.  ;)