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Over the next few days you will be noticing a change. Ron and I have decide that we would like this board to revert to what it was, a forum for discussions on sex, sexuality etc, some picture posting (nothing explicit). There will be a sub-board where  Grant will have his thread and where you are welcome to post the more graphic stuff.

There will be no flames or personal vendettas and if it gets out of control, we may have to implement an approved poster list.. I am hoping that will not be the case...



Clubber Lang:
im disappointed with this fiat.  i can understand moving the hardcore shit and not wanting a thread bitching at you for every one you remove, but seeing as we already have a woman friendly section rule number 3 is not necessary. "skank, ho" etc. may be vile words, but they are also opinions. i hope the irony of censoring a sex board isnt lost on anyone.

If you canít speak of women without throwing words like that around, maybe this isnít the forum for you?  There are hundreds of other sites on the web where that sort of thing is welcome.

Itís about time we brought some civility to this board.  There is a time and place for everything--including being mean--but there is never a need to be mean spirited.

Clubber Lang:
youre missing the point. im sure many people are offended when they read you talking about homosexuality, does that mean you shouldnt be allowed to post it?

Youíre kidding right?  Body building fans offended by talk of homosexuality. ha ha ha  Much to learn you still have . . .  ::)

At any rate, offensive language and offensive subject matter are not the same thing.  The latter is permitted here (every subject is offensive to someone somewhere), the former is not.


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