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The effects of different rep ranges

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Wouldn't rep range effects be genetically determined to some extent?


--- Quote from: Deicide on June 28, 2009, 10:42:01 AM ---Wouldn't rep range effects be genetically determined to some extent?

--- End quote ---

Apparently you can try a plan of different exercises and from the results find out how much of you is fast or slow twitch, as one example. That would effect one's efficiency for high or lower reps, though that's also a psychological preference not just physical.

I asked for his references... and that post was deleted... why?

Where is his information taken from?

wild willie:
I get nothing out of low 2,3,4,5, reps......nothing, zero, zilch......

I do get something out of 9,10,11,12 reps.

Hypertrophy happens in the middle rep range.

only powerlifters should shoot for low single reps.

If you are looking to develop your physique, you must hit slightly higher reps and if it means dropping your poundages, then so be it.

I have always heard that the legs (quads and hams) can effectively grow in the 20+ range and that one should always train calves in the high rep range. Truth to these?


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