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I was in school gettting a physical for wrestling in November and The doctor found that i had a hernia. I had no idea that i had it. So then I got an operation and I cant lift till the 27th of this month. It really sucks.

well Ben it didn't really hurt but it started to later on. I didn't have it long because i got surgery not long after I got it. I'd imagine that if you would let it go that it would surely hurt. As a matter of fact having strong abs will help because the doctor said anything with my abs will strain it after surgery.

 I had hernia surgery 3 weeks ago can't train for seven more weeks, but I am starting cardio tomorrow.  It hurt like hell a couple days after the surgery and some pain hera and there.  I can't wait to train.  i feel soft and out of shape.

yeah doesnt it suck not being able to do anything. I was so glad to get back to gym class. I started lifting though. Doing nothing sucks.

One thing I can tell you to be aware of so you dont worry about it in the future is "ghost pain."  I had a hernia operation when I was 17, I'm 22 now. Depending on the type of surgery you get (orthoroscopic, etc.) you can have pain in your abdomen when you strain hard. Not crippling pain or anything, just annoying little aches. Just be aware, because when this began happening to me a year or so afterwards, I was at the doc's thinking I had another one.


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