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Whats up with my head

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On Friday I started getting these real bad headaches.  I'm fine until I work out. About 5 minutes into lifting, during a set, my head starts to kill. Like someone has put it in a vice and squeezing it. And it will hurt for the rest of the day. I work out at noon. Then I'm fine the next morning until I lift again and same thing. Happened Friday, Saturday, and Monday. I did not lift Sunday. Any ideas.

(FYI, it also went away Friday evening but after wife and I had sex, it began to hurt again when I climaxed?)

Therefore, it must have somehing to do with a rush? ???

had this myself could be due to a few things.

not enough carbs, dehydrated etc.

most likely it is not breathing out during the exertion poart of the exercise. i took a week off, wen t lighter 4 a while focused on vbreathing and i was dead on.

yea it does hurt when climazxing lol

Doc Savage:

There is such a thing as 'exertional headache' and 'orgasmic migraine'..  see  for more info, or google the terms above.  However, new, severe headaches SHOULD NOT be ignored and you should get checked by a doctor. 

Make sure to breath properly when your doing heavy lifts.  Holding your breath while straining to complete a lift (i.e. valsalva maneuver) can spike your blood pressure and may cause the symptoms you describe, especially when the brain is in a oxygen defiecient state.  Most important though to get this checked out by your doctor to rule out a more serious pathology.

Thanks guys for the help. I will take your advice and go to Drs. today because it is still occuring. I feel like I do breathe right, but ya never know. Thanks again.


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