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Pain in the Neck... Literally


Every now and then I used to geek my neck during a set of bench or skull-crushers, but it would go away after a week or so.  But, over the past couple months, my neck has had the same constant pain and stiffness and it just won't go away.  I just had a killer leg workout this afternoon, and my neck is really bothering me now.  I'm scheduled for an MRI this Friday, but just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with this type of thing.

It feels like a pinched nerve and hurts when I turn my head either direction, or look down.

it looks like you irritated a nerve in your neck.  happened to me a while ago.  i would say go to a chiropractor and schedule several massage therapy sessions.

I'm getting scheduled for disk replacement...

I have a bulging disk in my neck. My pain started like yours, then ran down my left arm (pinched nerve)

had the same thing, blew a disc in my neck in a wreck. Sore stiff, hard to turn my head, pain in my arms, couldnt sleep,, Anyway, I had a nucleoplasty done, and after a 6-7 week layoff it feels 100% better.  Still have to be careful with it but so far so good.......


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