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this is the strangest thing ever. WTF? anyone EVER hear of anything like this

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This is the weirdest thing ever

Last night i go to bed perfecly fine.  I wake up in the middle of the night to go take a piss and realize trhough with a shard of pain that i have a broken or severly sprained middle finger on my left hand. I can barely move it. This morning its all puffed up.  How does that happen? Maybe I had a bad dream or something and punched the wall, but i would still remember it.  I think, or am hoiping it is just sprained and plan on taking a few days off and see how it is doing.  But This sucks.

Has anyone ever heard of anythign like this?  I don't have a history of sleepwalking, I didnt have anything to drink last night, this is bizarre and it sucks ass.

Where do you live and where do you work?

Is there any type of mark on your finger at all?  Is there a bull-eye appearance or mark?  Blistering?  If so, off to the emergency room with you.  If so, PM onlyme.

Are you certain that you believe your finger is strained or broken? 
Do you think it could be an insect bite?

I live in virginia.  no mark on my finger.  in fact, it is a lot better now than 12 hours ago, a lot.  so im thinkin that i just had a weird dream or something, hopefully no insect bite.  also, i just talked to my ex she said i was pretty violent in my sleep which is somethign i never knew.  but still this morning was weird to say the least

Good!  I'm glad you're better :)

bro if you find out what happend let me know.. that shit happend to me a while back.. went to bed fine, woke up and my knee was killing me... but i woke up in the bed where i went to sleep.  so if i sleepwalkin, i made it back to the bed ok...


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