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Worried about my wrist.

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Just wondering if anyone has had this problem.  At the end of last summer, I hurt my wrist somehow. The sides are fine, and when it's not bent its fine. But when I bend up, I have a pretty strong pain on the underside where my wrist/hand connects. I can work through it if I give it some rest, but sometimes it'll hurt for a couple of days at a time. Anyone had anything like this? I thought I had carple tunnel for a while...

yeah dude i have had a problem like that for a while at the moment my hand feels really sore and when i clench a fist it feels like it dosn't feel like i can get a stong grip on anything. Also when i twist my wrist it feels like theres a whole lot of bone cracking and crunching going on

Yea man, thats exactly me. I feel like I have no grip strength at all. I don't know what to do about it. And it really bothers me when I do curls. Good to know I'm not alone. Wonder what it is, though.

take a few weeks off from doing any presses (shoulder or chest) as well as lateral raises (for delts) and curls

once the wrist is healed, start taping your wrists TIGHT with tape.
you can get the tape at the drugstore
i used cloth tape

i had the same problem.  Not until i did all this did the pain go away
give it a try

that last guy had good suggestions... but can you afford to go to a doc (one that knows exercise physiology?)


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