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th12 vertebrae


4 weeks ago I had a traffic accident. Diagnose: fractured th12 vertebrae. Doctors strapped me in a so called "jewet" (sort of a metal-and-plastic jacket) which immobilises my back from the neck to the waist. I wasn't in any serious pain after the accident (I could walk and stuff), but I felt some shivers down the spine for a few days. I don't feel them anymore, there's no pain, just slight itching in the injured area (not all the time, few times a day). I should wear the jewet for a total of 10 weeks. I can walk, squat (without weights of course) etc. I'm not pushin' it, just waiting for the thing to heal. Since I don't have any expirienced MD's around (by that I mean doctors that have expirience with sports injuries and rehab), I would like to hear your opinions on the rehabilitation. I'm 31, have 13 years of bb expirience, I'm not that big (6'1", 245 lbs), and I want to continue training. IMHO, I should  first get back some strenght in my abdominal and lower back area, but I'm not certain which exercises can I use? Hyperexstensions, some light deadlifts in a high rep range, hanged leg raises?  I will avoid squats, military presses and that sort of movements for a few months. Did anybody had a similar problem? TIA


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