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Eyeball Chambers:
Today I took a really hot bath, then when I stood up to get out I was OK for like 20 seconds but then all of a sudden I got really really dizzy and kind of nauseas feeling.  I sat down and felt like I didn't even know what was happening and saw blackness and dots for like 45 seconds. It was pretty weird/scary. Then I slowly felt better and the nausea went away.  I feel totally fine now though.

What could cause that?  Was my bath just way to hot?  It felt like when you stand up to fast times 50.


Doc Savage:
It's called a 'vasovagal response'..

Either your blood vessels were all dilated from the heat and pooling resulated to too little pressure for your brain, or your parasympathetic nervous system was overloaded resulting in the same effect.

This is not dangerous by itself and will resolve if you lie down and elevate the legs.  HOWEVER, often people pass out and hit their heads, etc.  A colleague of mine was taking a piss after biking, passed out and got a serious head injury as he hit the ground... micturition syncope.. same thing.

Weightlifters have a larger venous blood pool and are more susceptible to this. 

Eyeball Chambers:
Oh ok, thanks a lot for the info.  :D


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