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Hernia surgery?

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240 is Back:
Any of you ever have it?   Good buddy of mine will be going under the knife shortly and I'm looking for info on recovery, experiences, etc.

Tear in the ab wall where intestine pushines way into scrotum.  Inguinal Hernia or something like that.  Way gross. Thanks!

Most likely they will use mesh to fix it. He should ask the Doc some detailed questions. Normally not to bad of a recovery.

i think i hav eone, visible when lower b/f, like a fatty lumnp above belly button not sore or nething. just small fatty lump. on the injury board there used to be tons of hernia threads 240. hope that helps.

240 is Back:
I had one 2 years ago on my belly... it went away.  This one is pretty brutal.  No intestinal strangulation, yet.  But major fluid buildup in the testes. I spent my AM waiting in the hospital today, not fun.

well im no where like that. prob just a fatty lump. trainin abs prevemnts them so i may start again tomorro lol


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