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Shoulder injury and constant pain- Need advice

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--- Quote from: chrisbro on August 29, 2018, 09:55:01 AM ---what do you press? now & before?

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Military or bench? I gave up the bench about 5 plus year ago. Every once in awhile I use it but it's sick light. I use dumbbells now. I dumbbell bench with a full range of motion. No half reps and a controlled cadence. Bodybuilding is filled with the delusional about their strength. I work with a guy that benches 400 at around 180.  Bench shirt with a ridiculous arch. I think the bar travels about 12 inches from his chest. I bet when I bench the bar is traveling over 20 inches. Physics 101 will tell you how much work is being done by load and distance traveled.


--- Quote from: Coach is Back! on August 29, 2018, 09:17:19 AM ---From my experience with athletes, it could be one of those. If the pain is that extreme, mobility is limited and weak when tested, it's more than likely a tear. It's just a matter of determining whether if it's grade 1,2 or 3. Grade 1 being a "strain" (strain still means tear) that can be rehabbed through PT, grade 2 means you can try rehab but more than likely surgery is needed or a 3 where surgery is unavoidable. Bottom line, get your butt to an Ortho that specializes in sports injuries ASAP.

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It swelled after tearing I believe, pushing on nerves so that's why the pain I believe but I'm not an expert. The pain lasted over 3 days then gradually have been lessened. Now I only feel pain in some positions and when lifting or externally rotating. I can externally rotate to some degree but it is really weak. Have to drive with one hand now so thats abit challanging.

Have not gone to a Ortho yet have had work to take care of. I will look into that. Thanks.


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