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Deca or Dianabol? what do you prefer and why?

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Hello all,

What do you guys prefer? Deca or Dianabol.

I am 50 yeard old and i want to build some solide gains without a lot of health risk.

Dianbol is an oral. so it will leave the body quick,
Deca is long acting and supress more the HPTA axis then Dianabol?

Which is better for me?
I am not cruising or blasting and not on TRT.

Thanks for the advices!

Omega Male:
Deca is better because it is "healthier"


--- Quote from: Omega Male on February 19, 2022, 04:48:30 AM ---Deca is better because it is "healthier"

--- End quote ---

But not for your veins and libido?

Omega Male:

--- Quote from: Christo on February 19, 2022, 04:51:21 AM ---But not for your veins and libido?

--- End quote ---

I ran up to 1 gram of deca with 200 test and my dick still got plenty hard, it's an individual thing.

LIke Dan Duchaine said in the UG Steroid Handbook, "If you can't grow on Deca and Dbol you can't grow on anything". 200mg Deca/week and 20mg Dbol/day and you could put on a solid 10 lbs of muscle over 2 or 3 months, with proper diet and training. The two stack great together, and at those doses are not much more toxic than either alone.

And you can keep most of your gains with such a light cycle, if your diet and training are on. The dbol, if you haven't used it before, can also be a mild anti-depressant, giving great pumps and motivation in the gym while Deca is great for middle aged joints.

Deca/dbol is a GREAT cycle for a 50 year old concerned about health.


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