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Myostatin for the heart while on cycle?


In my other post, I talked about heart enlargement in response to anabolic hormones. In response to the growth activation via mTOR, satellite cells, etc. the body dramatically increases myostatin to control the out of control growth while on cycle.  My theory is that the body is trying to control vital organ growth, cancers, and things that are more dangerous than skeletal muscle. I don't think skeletal muscle in itself is that harmful.

What if we could somehow enhance myostatin in the heart, but not in skeletal muscle? A "site injection" of myostatin into the heart so to speak? Here's a peer reviewed article on how myostatin prevents heart failure.  This is VERY theoretical and may not be possible. Just some thoughts.

Conclusion of study

Our results uncover an important role of myostatin in the heart for maintaining cardiac energy homeostasis and preventing cardiac hypertrophy.


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