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ECA still good or is there something better


AC Slater:
for losing fat?  I've been out of the game for a while but about 10-15 years ago the ECA stack was pretty good and could be bought over the counter.  Has anything changed since then?

You can still make your own with Ephedrine if you want. I believe it's still OTC but they check your ID and log it. Meth heads messed it all up so they track the sales now and only sell you two boxes at a time i think. This may have changed as i haven't purchased any Ephedrine in 5+ years.

I don't follow the supplement market because the majority of them are fake, but i can't think of anything better that is legal.

I used to take Bronkaid with caffeine to help get lean years ago.

Just can't handle stimulants anymore.

If i want to get lean i just take T3 for 6 weeks or so.


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