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Anyone used GVT for a decent amount of time?


Just curious to know if anyone has used german volume training for a decent period of time? what were your likes and dislikes?

Yes, I have had extended periods of GVT. From 6 to 12 weeks. Never had regretted the time invested, in increased strength and muscle mass. 

You probably know that it was designed for compound movements (2 or more joints involved ). Not curls, lateral raises, etc,,,though there might be some results in these.

Original concept of GVT was using the same weight for the whole 10 sets (100 reps). Too many guy's try to chance that and wind up not getting the results expected. Never add or reduce the weight on the bar, keep with the original amount. . This also can be ideal for the older lifter, being friendly to the joints because most of the stress will be on the muscles themselves, not the overworked joints.

Good Luck.

Thank you for the reply Jpm101.

Your welcome.


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