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🍁 One Capsule Daily for your blood sugar level: Only one capsule can support your glucose metabolism effectively because of the highest potent formula of Berberine with Ceylon Cinnamon and Gymnema Sylvestre. Instead of taking 2-3 capsules of other supplements per day, one capsule of Berberine can give you the same potency.      
🍁 SUPPORT GLUCOSE METABOLISM: The special formula of Berberine can support Glucose metabolism, improve cardiovascular health. Both men and women can enjoy the effectiveness of it. In addition, Berberine capsules can stimulate digestion, manage weight, support overall health.      
🍁 PREMIUM QUALITY: Supplement quality is the top priority of Vital Herbal. Our supplements are manufactured in a strictly controlled facility following extensively monitored manufacturing processes. All ingredients are pure and 100% organic. They are tested strictly before manufacturing supplements.      
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